About Spandan Trust

The situation of women and children has remained unchanged despite of several developmental initiatives and interventions. SPANDAN facilitate process of empowerment and resilience building by working on the factors/ causes which make the developmental processes unreachable and inaccessible to the children and women of the society.

Social development can no longer move in isolation. It is essential for all the communities irrespective of class, caste, gender and age stratification to play pro-active roles for their natural resource base. The communities need to take accountabilities for conservation and active engagement with their ecosystems.

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Abuse-Free Society

"Occurrence of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) is getting rampant day by day worldwide." According to WHO, one in every four girls and one in every seven boys in the world are sexually abused. The State of Odisha is a hub for this issue in India.....

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Abuse-Free Ecosystem

"A community can live an abuse free life if its surrounding ecosystem is abuse free and healthy enough to provide proper and adequate services. Therefore it is very much essential to care, protect and reduce "

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Disaster & Climate Change

"Children and women are the worst sufferer of Climate Change issues and Disaster. We work for those communities, who are facing the immediate challenges of Climate Change and Disaster; specifically issues related to water. "

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Outreach of our interventions

2100 children through Education, Life skill building- Safety & Self Defense approach 3100 women from the issue affected families in our project area. 190 communities/ villages/ hamlets across 6 districts in the east coast of India.